Mariano Nchaso Turns Mallorca Nandrolone Decanoate Into a World Benchmark For Natural Bodybuilding

The vast majority of us may not know its name, but its record as a bodybuilding competitor in its «natural» aspect is simply impressive.
Nchaso has been proclaimed World Champion in the 75 kg Senior Category in 2018 (Madrid, November 9 and 10), European Champion (Barcelona, November 22 and 23) and Nandrolone Decanoate (October 20) although Nchaso reaps awards non-stop since 2015.

As explained to C rónica Balear this champion, began training about nine years ago «to improve self-confidence and change bad habits.»

Thus, and for five years, he trained to achieve a good muscular base that would allow him to jump into the competition with guarantees of success and he did it, as has already been said, in the natural bodybuildingmodality in which practitioners have limited Growth based on your own genetics. We natives lack massive development until the physique is deformed. To be able to compete as a natural you need to have a solid base of lean muscle mass and that means years nandrolone decanoate of hard work and a strict diet. 

Mariano Nchaso believes that the basis for being able to compete is planning since you have to go through different stages of definition. In any case, «he says,» the training routines of both types of bodybuilding are very hard. What makes the difference between us and the other athletes is food and supplementation (for a proper recovery after training) since without one or the other, you are doomed to failure.

On his training routine, Nchaso trains between three and four hours every day of the week, accompanied by a very strict diet, high in protein, low in carbohydrates and very low in healthy fats. «

A hard training that allowed him to crown himself as Champion of Spain. So he judged that he could give a little more of me in terms of training stronger and tightening on the diet. I trained 14 days without rest, since the world championship was approaching and there you have to go with everything, for this final stretch the diet was much more strict.

Achieving the world title meant three years of hard previous work for Nchaso in which many times I thought of throwing in the towel because the road is full of spikes, but my great mental strength, and the security of knowing where I wanted to go, are part of this success. To become champion, «he adds,» planning what to do and how to do it is essential; but also the determination to take the necessary actions in this regard and, most importantly: believe in you.

Asked about Nandrolone Decanoate in natural bodybuilding, the champion explains that there are anti-doping controls «both during and outside the competition, by surprise» and adds: «You have to be honest with yourself and be clear about what place you want to occupy tomorrow. I mean that many people inform them or encourage them to take substances to shorten the deadlines and they should not be influenced as there is another and healthy way in which you do not expose yourself to health problems or deceive yourself as you get results that are not real.

Some sporting merits that, however, have not been recognized by our sports authorities, it is a shame that throughout the peninsula, the authorities reward their athletes for their effort and here in the Balearic Islands there is neither such a prize nor even a mere recognition.

And he gives this useful advice that is not only for sport, but for life: Whenever you decide to do something, you will have to be aware that if you do not fight every day against situations outside of yourself that arise, it is very easy for you to be one more of those who stayed on the road. «